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MIBA Mums in Business Association

MIBA Mums in Business Association MIBA

MIBA Mums in Business Association

Amazing Women doing Amazing Things

So as a mum trying to run a small business and life and everything else it is great to work, network and have the support of other women doing the same things.

Whilst trawling through Facebook one day I was lucky enough to come across the Mums in Business Association Facebook group and decided I would join.  From there I have learnt so much and have virtually met so many lovely, talented women working their own businesses.   As I have a blog attached to my business page I put my hand up and have been lucky enough for them to do a guest blog post for me where I’ve been able to ask them some questions you will see in italics and their responses.  Here we go.

Co-founders of Mums in Business Association Estelle Keeber and Leona Burton have brought together an amazing tribe of over 16.5k women from all over the World. Both Leona and myself realised being mums in business ourselves, that there seemed to be a lack of support online and in the real world for mums who have to juggle it all and so MIBA was created!


Leona is a mum to 5 children. Kian, Kye, Enna, Olana and baby Elis. Being a young mum motivated Leona into become a serial entrepreneur. Facing the difficulties of raising 5 children Leona has always had to think outside the box to ensure that she was able to be present in her home life whilst creating a stable financial income too! This has lead Leona into owning multiple businesses from a vocal coaching school right through to a MLM company.



Estelle is a single mum to sons Jed who is 9 and Obi who is 6. After suffering from PND after my second child, I embarked on a career change. After studying photography for 3 years I then went on to create a successful wedding photography business and was runner up in the Women in Business Award 2017.



How did you get started in your business?

We both knew the struggles of trying to run a business whilst also being a mum…. just one of the two is difficult…try doing both. Many of our conversations were focussed on what was lacking for MIB and what in a perfect world we would like to see available for women.

Knowing that there would be many other women feeling the same we created Mums in Business Association. The idea was to create a group when mums could come for support in being a mum and being in business. We offered advice on all aspects of business as well as being an open door for anyone who had an issue with their personal lives too. Giving these women a community to trust in would be just one of the things that made the group so appealing. Both Myself and Leona agree that the massive growth of the group is down to hard work, dedication and finding something that was needed by so many others.

Along with the online support of 16k other women, members also have weekly video trainings to watch on topics such as time management, finding your niche and taking control of your social media. Guest speakers have included Rosemary Conley ( author of best selling book with over 2 million copies ), Olympic medallist Ludi Wiggins and Actress Holly Matthews.

Leona and I have created a movement… we are showing women and mums all over the world that it’s ok to want the best of both worlds…. but not only that we are showing them the techniques and tools to allow them to go and get it as well. Affordable training, VIP membership and Intensive coaching are available for all members ensuring that there is something for everyone no matter what point of your journey you are at. The most important thing for the founders was that other women realised that anything is possible.


What is the most common thing you get asked?

The most common thing we get asked…How do you manage it all? We manage our time really well. Schedule in work time and family time…and dont forget me time! Our planner is a great way to break down your day and keep you on track.


What advice would you give mums wanting to start their own business?

Advice for MIB starting out…Run with those ideas…even if they sound crazy…if they feel good and right at the time go with it. Try not to plan to much…somethings can be planned and others you will need to be more flexible with. Just believe in yourself and magic will happen!
How do you juggle motherhood and a business?


If you could ask advice from anyone in the world – who would it be?

Estelle…If I could ask advice of anyone in the world i think it would be Oprah…So many things i would want to ask….What an amazing inspiring women!


These lovely ladies have put out their 2nd book which is available NOW…and has just made it to #1 in Amazons Best Seller list!

Mumpreneur on Fire: 1
Mumpreneur on Fire: 1

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