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Not Eating Dinner Syndrome

Not Eating Dinner Syndrome

Do you suffer from not eating dinner syndrome?

So lately, we are suffering from the not eating dinner syndrome in our household.  Mr J is 20 months and has always gone between picking like a sparrow and demolishing like an eating machine.

The Situation

Lately he seems to be devouring breakfast and then petering off for the remainder of the day preferring milk in a Sippy cup or a bottle of formula. By dinner time, he is over it!
Firstly, he is a snacker!!!. Has loves biscuits and fruit and snack type foods – ANYTHING sweet. The human body is always amazing to me as my daughter comes from the same gene pool and has always had a penchant for savoury foods. Therefore, a kid that goes for everything sweet is new to me.

Mr J is a typical toddler in that he wants what he wants when he wants it and nothing else will do. I am always racking my brain to find something for him to eat that is healthy and that he will enjoy. He will try new foods, which is sometimes half the battle, but he likes something one day but not the next and is a fussy eater.

My Ideal

I have always tried to maintain a family dinner with varying degrees of success. Ideally, I would like us all to sit down together as a family and discuss our day or chat about upcoming things we are going to be doing. Now in reality the TV remains on most of the time which involves the kids, and the husband, glued to the TV and getting any conversation is sometimes a chore.

Now hubby works long hours and is rarely home in time for dinner, which makes it hard to stick to a routine with the kids so I try to have dinner with them and we aim between 6:00pm to 6:30pm.

Up until a few months ago, Mr J would sit in his high chair when we got home around 5:15pm and have food, either some yogurt or a sandwich or something substantial and then I would bath him and we would all sit down together and he would have a second round of food before bed.

The Issue

Suddenly he decided he did not like eating by himself and therefore wanted to wait until we all sit down together. Thus has been born the non-eater. I believe he is now too tired at the time we have dinner so does not eat and whinges which results in him going to bed. The hard part with that is he wakes up at 5:15am and wants a bottle, which I have come to realise, is because he is hungry!

Firstly, I began so that he had the same meals as everyone, thinking this would be incentive to eat just like everyone else.

Secondly, I tried different meals for him and stuck to things he likes so that would encourage him to eat.

Thirdly, I have given him a number of options so that he has a few things to choose from so he could pick whatever tickled his fancy on the day.

RESULT = not eating dinner syndrome.

So what to do?

So next, I think I am going to go back to the two-fold dinner. Give him something to eat, that he likes, when we first get home. I hope that he eats that, and then sit him down with the family to have a second course. We will try that and see how we go and then fingers crossed he will have a full tummy and now wake so early.
I know I am not along in this and have Googled the issues and I have listed some good sites below, however please share your experiences below as I would love to hear how you solve these problems at your house.

Here are also some articles I found when I searched for tips on keeping them safe:

Hope you found this article either amusing or interesting – thanks for reading.

Mel Parish


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New Product Amorini Silver Nipple Soothers

New Product Amorini Silver Nipple Soothers

Available now at Little Treasures n Trinkets

I came across the Amorini Nipples Soothers purely by accident via a linked article from a website I was browsing and decided to contact Amorini USA to see if they had a supplier in Australia and what their wholesale details were. Looking and the literature they looked like a great idea.  With our first child I suffered with cracked sore nipples whilst breastfeeding.  I’m pregnant with our second child and am booked in for a cs in late February so when I came across this new product I thought to myself what a great opportunity to try it and see if it works and potentially stock it in our shop for other mothers.

Amorini USA didn’t currently have any stockists in Australia and I’m very excited and proud to announce that they agreed to allow Little Treasures n Trinkets to be the first company in Australia to bring you the Amorini Silver Nipple Soothers.

So what are they?  Well during a conversation with my family the other week my uncle asked if they were nipple pasties which I explained that no they aren’t.  They are silver discs that are designed in the shape of your nipple and between breastfeeding your bub you put them over your nipple so that the antibacterial properties of the silver offer immediate protection for breastfeeding mothers to reduce the incidence of chaffing or cracking.

So you can see the full description and purchase them from our website here and once my new bub arrives I’ll go a review of them and let you know if they help with cracking and sore nipples.


Amorini USA have released a YouTube video – Amorini – Dive Into Breastfeeding With Confidence


Here are some articlesrelated to how silver assists breastfeeding mothers:

See Amorini Breastfeeding Mothers’ Best Friends™ FAQ and some reviews from their website


So like most business owners I was pretty chuffed we had the opportunity to stock this product and so decided to shout it from the roof tops via social media.  So I posted on all of our media channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ but just to gain extra boost I thought I would pay for some advertising on Facebook.  Little did I know I was opening a can of worms.  I utilised the photo at the top of this post which was a promo photo provided by Amorini USA for the purpose of promotion of the product.

After initially trying to advertise on Facebook I received a message back letting me know that my post had not been approved for advertising due to the nature of the picture which obviously via software or automatic scanning had been deemed as “Your ad content violates Facebook Ad Guidelines. Ads are not allowed to promote the sale or use of adult products or services, including toys, videos, publications, live shows or sexual enhancement products. Ads for family planning and contraception are allowed if they follow our targeting requirements.”

I was a bit taken aback to say the least and decided to appeal the decision based on the fact it was a promotional photo for the purpose of assisting breastfeeding mothers. I received another polite response from a person at Facebook (Tiarah) advising:

“Thanks for writing in.

Your ad was disapproved because the image being used in the ad shows excessive breast shown.

The current post remains published, but isn’t running as an ad. If you’d like to boost your post, you’ll have to recreate it with a policy-compliant image and boost it again.”

So whilst Facebook are happy with the post to remain on my business page they were not happy to promote the picture/post at my expense.  Given the content I see popping up in my news feed I found this quite extraordinary and thought I would ask my friends on Facebook (via my personal account) their general thoughts.

The majority of people cried outrage and ridiculousness and a couple of current breastfeeding mothers even suggested I take it further with petitions, contacting Mark Zuckerburg direct or A Current Affair.

Whilst an advocate of breastfeeding, I would even go so far as to say I’m pro-breastfeeding, I still feel that it is a personal choice.  I did have one person (and everyone is entitled to their opinion) say that they hate content like this photo.  I was intrigued as to why that was and asked them to elaborate further to which the reply was that it the photo wasn’t any different to some of friend’s post of excessive breast but that breastfeeding shouldn’t be plastered everywhere, they didn’t understand what all the fuss is about just get on with it.

Being that this is my blog so therefore I can state my own opinion which  is the following:

I tend to agree, I am pro breastfeeding but I don’t go posting photos of myself on Facebook either showing breast or breastfeeding as to me it is a personal choice and how you choose to do it.  It is also up to the individual who should be able post photos of their breasts if they choose to and also to be able to feed their baby in public without being ohhed and ahhed at. However I just think stopping an advertisement that is targeting people who are interested in breastfeeding and providing them with a remedy for what may ail them with a photo that really only shows skin and a baby’s head is a bit over the top on Facebook’s behalf.

So needless to say I still posted the same post and was able to boost it as a paid advertisement but the way I got round it was to remove the actual picture and replace it with a direct link to my website so now the following picture shows in the post, which as an external picture is obviously not bound by the same ‘excessive breast’ rules.



Mel Parish
Little Treasures n Trinkets