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Having a new baby here are some handy checklists

Having a new baby here are some handy checklists


Well now that our new baby is arriving this month (February 2016) I have started to go back through the original information I pulled together when I had my first baby which is over 5 years ago.  I also started to do some research on line and came across a gazillion checklists that mentioned all sorts of stuff for all sorts of reasons.  Which at the end of the day really it is a very personal thing in terms of what is important and what you want to achieve.

So what kind of checklists are we talking about.  Well I guess the most important one I was interested in was what to pack in the hospital bag and whilst I know what I would like I wanted to ensure I covered the basics……after all 5 years is a long time and my memory ain’t what it used to be.


Hospital Bag

Obviously the first important thing (well as far as I’m concerned) is to be prepared for every eventuality.  So for most ladies it would be your ideas for a natural birth and how you are planning to approach it and what coping mechanisms you are planning to utilise and therefore what tools you may need.  I know I had read some books, in particular one that was recommended by a friend of mine called Birth Skills which was written by Juju Sundin’s with Sarah Murdoch.  I could really relate to the techniques outlined in this book and it also had a list of suggested items to bring to the hospital.  So after reading it I had my birth plan all ready for my first baby but then as it turned out I ended up having a cesarean section (C-section) so my birth plan was out the window.  So here is a generalised list of items that are recommended that you take to the hospital along with a couple of additional ones I’ve added.  Pick and choose as you like and what works for you.

Hospital Bag Checklist (Click on the link to download our checklist).

So for the second time around I purchased the book again and started to read it but as it turns out again I’m booked in for a C-section so won’t be needing the techniques.  But being that this is the second time around I started to look around for some tips on the easiest recovery from a C-section.  Find below some links to some sites for recovery tips for both C-section and natural birth

C-Section Recovery Tips                                                                              Natural Birth Recovery Tips

The Truth About C Section Delivery & Recovery                                                Recovery After the Birth

Recoverying from a C-Section                                                                              Recovering from Delivery


Nappy Bag

So the next step after you get home from the hospital is being prepared for every possibility when you are out with the baby. Apart from the general items you will find in the list below my only tip is also include a change of top for yourself.  You don’t even think this is a possibility but there I was one day in a large shopping centre changing my bub in the change room when there was an explosion (literally) and I found myself needing a new top.  Thank goodness my mum was there with me and went and purchased one but just in case you are flying solo it is always a good idea to keep a spare in the nappy bag.  If you need a nappy bag we have some sensational ones here.

Nappy Bag Checklist (Click on the link to download our checklist).