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Slumbersac Winter Sleeping Bag various sizes, weights and designs.

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Slumbersac Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bags for all occasions

Slumbersac Sleeping Bags have become an essential part of the bedtime routine, the safe and comfortable way for all babies to sleep. Slumbersac simply replace duvets, blankets and top sheets. Baby cannot kick off, or slip down under the covers, remaining at a constant cosy temperature while getting plenty of freedom to kick and wriggle.

Slumbersac baby sleeping bags ensure that your baby stays warm and cosy throughout the night. Made from the best quality materials, our beautifully soft and safe sleeping bags will help to make sure that your baby gets the sleep they need to give them the best start in life.  Slumbersac sleeping bags completely replace traditional sheets, blankets and duvets. Research has found that the ‘old’ way of covering babies causes discomfort, as top covers are easily kicked off or tangled, resulting in your baby becoming either too hot or too cold.

  • Slumbersac Sleeping Bags are exclusively designed for Slumbersac
  • Exceptional quality and rigorously tested to meet Standards
    Made with 100% cotton
  • Lined with 100% pure cotton for comfort and easy care
  • Can be both machine washed and tumble-dried
  • Press Studs on Sizes 1 and 2 only. Preventing the child’s arm from slipping inside the bag and from sliding up over the chin on smaller children

Sleeping bag TOG:

The tog rating or weight of a sleep sack determines its thickness and therefore how warm it keeps your child. The higher the tog rating (weight) the warmer the sleeping bag. Please follow our recommendations on the table below to determine which tog is the best one for you. The decision depends mainly on the nursery temperature.

  • 0.5 Tog light above 24 degrees
  • 1.0 Tog Summer between 21 and 24 degrees
  • 2.5 Tog general year-round use in room temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees.

Please check the size guide to find the right measurements for your little one.

Available Sizes:

  • Size 1 – 0-6 months / 70 cms Suitable from birth (min. 4 kg) up to six months
  • Size 2 – 6-18 months / 90 cm – Suitable from six up to 18 months.
  • Size 3 – 12-18 months / 110 cm – Suitable from 12 months up to two years when folded, and up to three years when extended.
  • Size 4 – 3-6 years / 130 cm – Suitable from 3 to 6 years.
  • Size 5 – 6-10 years / 150 cm – Suitable from 6 to 10 years


  • Choo Choo – Available in sizes 1 to 4. “Choo, Choo” goes the little train trundling across this lovely baby sleeping bag! Children are fascinated by trains, with all their noise and steam, and this beautiful sleep sack is already a firm favourite. Made with 100% pure cotton chambray with a cotton lining, it’s warm and snuggly as well as attractive to look at.
  • Pink Fairy – Available in sizes 1 to 5. A beautiful sleeping bag for special little ladies! Made with soft 100% cotton chambray, this Slumbersac features a magical fairy sprinkling fairy dust and has the words ‘Make a Wish’ embroidered on the chest and it is lined with 100% soft cotton
  • Sunshine Zoo -Available in sizes 1 to 4. We’re all going to the Sunshine Zoo – the lion, giraffe and crocodile too! Our Sunshine Zoo sleeping bag is great for all boys and girls – they love the little appliqued animals, and so will you. Made with 100% cotton and trimmed with beige gingham, this sleep sack will make a beautiful addition to your child’s bedroom.
  • Cartoon Animals – Available in sizes 1 to 4.  Our best selling sleeping bag, this design features soft, neutral, 100% pure cotton sheeting. The “In the Jungle” Slumbersac features two cartoon animal embroideries: Little Zebra and Big Giraffe.
  • Mint Owl – Available in sizes 1 to 4. Perfect for little night owls and Jersey is the ideal cosy fabric for baby sleeping bags. Our pale green Mint Owl Slumbersac is a great alternative to blue or pink and little boys and girls will love this simple embroidered design, as will mums and dads. This soft, pure cotton sleeping bag allows easy movement, so your baby can stretch and wriggle as much as they like! Our Mint Owl sleeping bag is lined with 100% cotton and lightly padded with quick dry soft polyester fleece.
  • Forest Friends – Available in sizes 1 to 4.  Made from soft white jersey cotton with adorable forest animal embroidery on the front of the sleeping bag. The back of the Forest Friends baby sleeping bag is printed all over with forest characters. The outer fabric and lining is made from 100% jersey cotton and the baby sleeping bags are padded with soft polyester fleece which allows them to dry quickly after washing and helps to prevent allergies.
  • Fire Engine – Available in sizes 1 to 5.  Babies and toddlers just love the fun and excitement of the big red fire engine whizzing along making the exciting neee nooorsound! With its beautifully embroidery and bright red stripes, this sleep sack is a firm favourite with our customers. Made from soft, pure cotton and easiy machine washed and dried, this eye-catching design is sure to be a hit with your little one  – and with mum and dad too!
  • Pirate – Available in sizes 1 to 5. With a beautifully embroidered pirate ship and treasure chest and blue stripes, this sleep sack is a real winner. It’s made from soft cotton and has a lovely soft polyester fleece, which keeps little ones warm through the night, and which also helps to prevent allergies.
  • Pink Birdie – Available in sizes 1 to 5 This stunning Slumbersac features a beautiful embroidered bird house along with the words ‘Little Birdie’ on the chest. With a pink polka dot pattern this is perfect for girls who are pink mad.
  • Pony Available in sizes 4 & 5 it is made of turquoise cotton sheeting with a lovely pony embroidery and applique. Little girls with love our Little Pony galloping over the polka dotted meadow. Made from 100% cotton and 100% cotton lined and padded with soft quick-dry polyester fleece.

Please choose the size, colour and TOG from the dropdown menus above

We also have standard Summer slumbersacs available as well as Slumbersacs with feet for both Winter and Summer.



All our baby sleeping bags are of exceptional quality and are exclusively designed for Slumbersac. Made with 100% cotton and lined with 100% pure cotton, they are all rigorously tested and can be both machine-washed and tumble-dried. The filling is made from quick dry soft polyester fleece, which helps to prevent allergies and stops the sleeping bag losing shape and becoming 'lumpy'.

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