Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set


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Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set

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Brands:Keezi Kids


Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set

Suitable for kids three years and older.


Kids Sand Sand and Water Table Play Set is designed and made in accordance with EN71 Safety of Toys certification standards. That means it is definitely safe play for your kids with total peace of mind. Not least, the toy is also made of non-toxic and eco-friendly materials.

Set it up in the backyard or bring it to the beach, the Sand and Water Table’s 3-leg design ensures the assembly stays firm and steady on both sand and water despite its light weight. Your kids will have a whale of a time playing with the boat slide, spinning wheel, rotating sand bucket and more as he or she takes on the role of the captain of the ship. Better still, use the Table and sand mould to create sand castles for more whimsical imaginations.

Neatly packaged in a colourful box, the Pirate Ship Kids Sand and Water Table Play Set is the perfect gift for the season or any birthday event.

Great outdoor fun for kids which encouraging outdoor play and exercises.  Suitable for ages 3+ children ideal for sand and water play.  With the three leg design and round, smooth edges it is hours of fun.  Featuring A movable water wheel, sand bucket, rotating propeller and boat slide.

Easy to move as it is made from a light weight design.

* Material: Non-toxic plastic
* Accessories: Sail, Trunk, Leaves, Buckets, 2 Boats, 3 Holders, Water can, Spoon, Hourglass, Captain, Pirate Boat, Propeller, Tortoise sand mould, Cannon, Cannon ball, Water wheel
* Overall dimensions: 60 x 38 x 28 – 58cm
* Package dimension: 63.5 x 14 x 39cm
* Product weight: 2.5kg


Keezi Kids

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