Himalayan Salt Lamp


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Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Himalayan Salt Lamp

Lovely lamp with health benefits

Himalayan Salt Lamp is an all natural product carved from the best selected rocks of Himalayan crystal salt.

The colour can vary from orange, pink to red. Salt lamps are virtually a raw lump of salt which is drilled centrally to accommodate the bulb holder. Glowing rock looks beautiful. These are all hand carved lamps meaning no machine except the drill machine is used in the process. Salt lamps are known air ionizers. They emit negative ions which combats the deadly positive ion to purify the ambient air we breathe. A few glowing lamps in a room is believed to bring positive changes in mood. It creates atmosphere prevalent near the water fall, after a thunder storm or rain.

Thanks to abundance of negative ions in the atmosphere, natural salt lamps are used for numerous health benefits and are inviting, create a warm and relaxing ambiance and may help you wind down before bedtime.  Some health benefits could be:

1. Neutralizing electromagnetic radiation

2. Purifying the air

3. Reduce asthma and allergy symptoms

4. Improve breathing

5. Increase energy levels

6. Help you sleep better

7. Here’s how negative ions improve mood

8. Reduce stress and increase performance

Salt Lamp measurements – 13cm x 13cm x 20cm

All lamps come with a standard electrical wire and light bulb in box packaging.

This would make a great gift teamed with one of our Inspired Quotes, Handmade Nautical Mobile or Handmade Milestone blocks


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