Chicken Fancy Dress Inflatable Costume


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Chicken Fancy Dress Inflatable Suit – Fan Operated Costume

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Chicken Fancy Dress Inflatable Costume

Chicken Rider Inflatable Chicken Suit – Fan Operated Costume

Chicken Fancy Dress Inflatable Costume look like you are riding the chicken in this 1/2 inflatable chicken suite which is fan operated.

Bring some real fun and surprises to the next party you attend. Crash the party wearing our Inflatable Fan-Operated Chicken Costume. You”ll be comfortable in this costume made of feather-light material. You”ll be the center of attention and every party guest will be delighted with this comical, bright and unforgettable costume!

This durable, one-size-fits-all costume is constructed of an extremely light polyester material called terylene. This high quality material keeps you cool and free of perspiration. Included with the costume is a compact fan unit that keeps the costume inflated and never lets it droop. The battery pack clips to your pants or belt under the costume. The batteries will keep you “inflated” for at least several hours.



· One-size-fits-all inflatable costume

· The costume is air-sealed by neck, leg, and arm fasteners

· Lightweight battery-powered fan included

· Battery pack clips onto your pants/belt

· Stays inflated for hours of fun

· Terylene Polyester construction keeps you cool and comfortable

· Costume folds for easy storage

· Accommodates wearer 200 cm or less in height

· 4 AA batteries required (not included)

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