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Brands – Little Treasures n Trinkets

List of Stock Brands for Little Treasures n Trinkets

Brands,Little Treasures n Trinkets, Welcome to our Brand page.  We have the page broken down into two (2) components.  The first area is a list of our wholesale brands that we stock.  The second components is a list of our Handmade Artisans who make to order personalised items direct to you.

We are always on the lookout for new, innovative and exciting stock so if you have any suggestions please feel free to email me.

We are so excited and proud that the following brands and handmade artisans have agreed to partner with us and we look forward to bringing you more of their products in the future.

We will also donate a $1 from every transaction made on our website to a list of charities you can find on our Donations to Charities page where we want to give back to those causes that are dearest to us.

Brands we stock

Here is a list of brands that we have been lucky enough to stock.  To see the range available click on the icon and a page displaying all items available in this brand will be displayed.

HEVEA naturally different

Amorini Silver Nipple Soother



Hana Baby

My Natural Products

Natures Purest


Chele and Maye

Nanny Pickle

Mini Beanz



Kiss Kiss Hug Hug

Tummy Tie

Speckled House

E J Kids

Designer Mamas



Rapscallion logo








Handmade Artisans

Our handmade items are made with love by very talented people and made to order direct to you. Please click on each name below to see a list of items we are privileged to stock from that artisan.

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